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Would you like to join us ?

We have over fifty volunteers who give their time freely to produce the recordings.
Their ages range from 18 to 85.

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The weekly talking newspaper is produced by four teams, who come in on a Sunday
morning to record the production once a month.
The team consists of editors, readers and technicians.

The editors are responsible for deciding which articles to include in the programme.
These are taken from the Journal and the Chronicle newspapers.
There are two editors for each edition of Newcastle Talking News, each editing three days.

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The presenters are responsible for reading the items in a clear voice.
Each days news is usually read by a male  and female presenter.

The technicians are responsible for recording the productions, using one of the latest
digital computer audio recording systems available.
We use Goldwave.
They are also responsible for copying the recording using high speed multi copiers.

    A technician recording onto computer                        High speed copiers 

We are currently looking for technicians, full training would be given. 
If you are interested please get in touch with us.

All volunteers are involved in opening the plastic wallets to remove the cassettes and using 
a computer database to check to see who receives the productions.
All the new recordings are checked for quality before being placed back into the wallets.
They are then taken to the Royal Mail for distribution to hundreds of our listeners.

Removing the cassettes from the wallets